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Gulkand Honey – 250 Gm

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Gives pleasant experience. Remove mouth odor. Prevent from acidity. Gives cool experience.







Gulkand Honey is rich in antioxidants, detoxifies your body, is a natural anti-aging remedy and an energy booster. It is slowly making a comeback in the market due to its numerous helpful uses.

Gulkand, which is made from rose petals, is one of the best natural coolants and it seems that this recipe has been around since the time we knew of roses. It is believed to have been introduced in India by the Turks back in the 7th century AD. The name itself suggests this origin. ‘Gul’ is rose in Persian and ‘Kand’ means sweet in Arabic. They say it was one of the favorite delicacies of Mughal queens. Despite its tradition and presence in the royal menu card, it is famous for its health benefits.

Navmi Gulkand honey is pure, natural and unprocessed. It gives more nutrients and health benefits that regular honey does not. We do not add preservatives or any other substances in our honey.


It gives a pleasant experience. Remove the mouth odor. Prevent from acidity. It gives a cool experience.




Benefits of Gulkand Honey



  • Gulkand is a very good digestive tonic and helps improve appetite, digestion, and digestive problems.
  • It helps remove toxins from the body and also purifies the blood. Thus, helps in giving clear skin and prevent other skin issues like acne, breakouts, whiteheads, etc.
  • It is a very good anti-oxidant and is used as a natural anti-aging treatment.
  • Help reduce excessive perspiration and body odor.
  • Gulkand helps reduce acidity and stomach heat and prevents any swelling in the intestine and treats ulcers.
  • It is very effective in relieving menstrual pain.
  • It helps people with water-retention issues.



Gulkand Honey Nutrition Facts

Approx Values per 100 gm.

Energy 283 kcal
Fat 0.24
Carbohydrate 68.8%
Proteins <1%
Na 2.14 mg
K 200 mg
Mg 17 mg
Potassium 154 mg


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