Our product range includes Raw & Flavored Honey, Mustard oil, Groundnut oil, Safflower oil, Sesame oil,  Coconut oil, Almond oil, Bee Pollen, Desi Cow Ghee and still adding many more natural and organic products soon


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Cold Pressed

Natural Edible Oils

Extracted using Wooden Ghani

Unprocessed foods contain higher amounts of antioxidants,

it reduce risk of heart disease, cancers and other health issues.

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The refined oils in the market have no nutritional value. But Navmi oil has nutritional value and health benefits too. So, I highly recommend Navmi products.

I rely on Navmi’s products because, all their products are natural and unprocessed. Infact the raw materials that they use for oil extraction is of export quality and is the best. So, if you are thinking of buying unprocessed foods Navmi is the best.

The best thing about Navmi is their customer service, I have spoken to one of the executives and he was very informative, kind and very honest with his answers. He explained many unknown facts about Cow Ghee & Honey. I am really happy… Keep it up Navmi.


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