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Bee Pollen

Natural Bee Pollen – 100 Gm

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Bee Pollen is one of nature’s unique and most powerful food and can be used for nutritional makeup.

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Bee Pollen Benefits is one of nature’s unique and most powerful foods. Bees collect pollen from flowers & mix bee salvia & plant nectar with that. This mixture forms Bee Pollen. It can be used for nutritional makeup, Relief for Arthritis, Normalize cholesterol, to recover Cancer patient, for Prostate problems, Improving digestion & help in constipation, colitis, irritable bowel syndromes, Skin problems such as eczema & psoriasis, Hormonal balance, such as PMT & menopause, Weight gain or weight loss, Reproductive system – impotence, infertility, loss of libido, Low or high blood pressure, Chronic fatigue, Insomnia, Nervous system problems and many more.


Bee pollen Benefits:


Source of complete protein:


If you are working out in the gym, you have to feed your muscles with raw materials. New muscles are made with protein and require complete amino acids.


New muscles are also made with glycogen- a chemical combination of glucose and water. When bee pollen is taken with honey it helps a workout recovery. As pollen is 40% protein, it contains all the amino acids that our body uses, including those that it is unable to produce itself.


It’s not necessary to have egg, soy or pea protein to make up for missing amino acids, you can just have bee pollen. When you eat sports bars with bee pollen within half an hour after a workout or during workouts, your muscles will get the dose of protein needed to bulk out.


You don’t only need protein to work out or rebuild muscles. You also need glucose and water. Honey is an excellent source of sugar in the form of glucose. And muscles need to store the fuel for the next workout that is available in honey. Glycogen the muscles make from glucose and water add bulkiness to the muscles while new muscle fiber is made with amino acids add strength. Thus, a combination of bee pollen and honey is perfect.


It is an energy enhancer:


Pollen is a high source of Vitamin B since it has Rutin, which is an antioxidant useful to enhance cardiovascular function. It’s an energy booster as well as bee pollen has a high source of energy thus its best for athletes to boost their stamina and strength to perform their best.


Dietary supplement:


After wheatgrass and yerba mates, pollen is supposed to be the best dietary supplement. It’s full of nutrients that fuel the body with a burst of energy. Kids with a low appetite can add this to their diet.


Nutrient absorption:


Pollen contains enzymes that help digestion thus it assists our body in absorbing more nutrients from the food that you eat.


Increases energy level:


Pollen has a wide range of nutrients thus making it a great natural energy booster. Carbohydrates, protein and B Vitamins enhance your stamina and help you fight fatigue so that you can zoom through the day.


Helps in weight loss:


There are a lot of weight loss supplements but the pollen will assure you results from that too faster. It stabilizes chemical imbalance in your body thus and improves metabolism. It controls abnormal weight gain and burns calories. A teaspoon of pollen is healthy for you as it serves your craving and improves your inner health. You can add it as your salad dressing or diet drinks.


It is safe and easy to add to your diet. It comes in granules or supplement form and is safe for most people


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